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Our Process


We understand that program evaluation can be overwhelming. That is why we designed an easy three step process for our clients.


We start with a logic model to help design your program and align your program elements

A logic model is our starting point. Whether you are just beginning this journey by focusing on one program, or you are interested in gauging your overall effectiveness at the organizational level, we will schedule time with critical staff to create a personalized logic model. This logic model will connect your resources and activities to your impact.

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Next, we will develop a plan to monitor your program

Once you have mapped out your program (or organization) we can shift attention to identifying how you will measure your program or organizational effectiveness.


We're almost there! Now its time to put your plan into action!

You've created a logic model, identified metrics, now Terra Dati can help you track and evaluate your work.

Download our free guide to create your own logic model

Check you email for a download link!

Tara gets it. She understands the value of relationships, and she takes the time to get to know the community. She doesn't "helicopter in". Instead, she works with the community so that the community's voice comes through.

Ms. Mattie Marshall - Community leader and Washington Heights President

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