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Empowering mission driven organizations with a grounded approach to decision-making

Donors, community members and foundations, now more than ever, are calling on the nonprofit sector to provide evidence of effectiveness, community engagement and more to show the impact of your amazing work. Partnering with Terra Dati will help you ground your programs and initiatives in data and research, demonstrate program effectiveness to stakeholders, and assess how well you fulfill your mission so that you can focus on your amazing work that is driving change.

Grounding decision-making in data and community

At Terra Dati, we believe that action should be grounded in data and community engagement. We partner with organizations that are working towards a more equitable and just future to build their capacity to translate data into action and increase their impact.  


Our services empower your organization to apply data-driven decision making and ground action in data



Ensuring that nonprofits are making informed decisions based on data and grounded in the community you serve is critical to developing programs with impact. Terra Dati can assist your organization by developing a research and inquiry project to learn more about community experiences and existing conditions so you can enhance your organization's impact.



Foundations are interested in understanding what you learned from your program, and many grant applications require an evaluation plan. Your evaluation plan does not have to be disconnected from the communities you serve. An evaluation plan that is framed around equity can assure that you are delivering the best possible results to your stakeholders!

Organizational learning

Organizational Learning

Need to check-in and make sure that your programs and activities are helping to push your mission forward? Using action research methods, Terra Dati can guide your organization through this collaborative discovery process to help you apply data and learning to strengthen and align your programs with your mission.

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Want to know more about how to use data to drive your decision making? Interested in creating an equity grounded evaluation plan for an upcoming grant deadline? Connect with me for a free consult!

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