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About Us

Terra Dati partners with mission-driven organizations that are promoting equity, reducing health disparities, protecting our environment, and making our communities more livable. We help these organizations expand their impact by applying an equity lens to research, evaluation, and organizational learning. Our past clients have included Atrium Health Northeast, Moore Recycling, RAO Community Health, and more.

Our Founder

Tara Bengle, founder and CEO of Terra Dati Consulting

I founded Terra Dati after earning a Ph.D. in Geography and Urban and Regional Analysis. I have more than 13 years of experience teaching and applying participatory and action research methods that move community-driven agendas forward. I believe that the purpose of inquiry is to solve problems and to transform and empower underrepresented communities to engage in collective decision-making and action. I founded Terra Dati to help mission-driven organizations drive change and expand their impact.



Collaboration is key to our work together. At Terra Dati, we listen deeply to better understand your goals and help you reach those goals.


Transformation is our goal when we partner with your organization. Our hope is that you will think about things in new ways and apply a fresh lens to your organization and the challenges you face. 


Equity is why we do this work. Our approach to research and evaluation is grounded in equity, bringing diverse individuals and perspectives to the work. With an equity-grounded framework, we ensure that the communities you serve are engaged in defining the change they want to see.


Transparency facilitates trust and relationships. It is a building block for strengthening our work together and a precursor for advancing equity.

Where does the name Terra Dati come from?

Terra Dati comes from Italian and literally translates to data of the earth. After doing some mapping for my very first client around recycling access, she stumbled upon this phrase and thought it would be fitting for me given my background in geography. I have taken liberty in the translation and apply the phrase to mean "grounded data". I hope you will engage with us to catalyze change and promote justice.

Tara Bengle, Ph.D.

Let's Work Together

Book a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your organization's needs. 

Tara reading Non Profit Quarterly magazine with her dog
Training certificate earned for concept mapping
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